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About Amy Goff

My name is Amy Goff.  I grew up the daughter of an Air Force officer, and during my childhood I lived all over the world. Both of my folks loved food; every kind of food; and they were always eager to try anything new. So, everywhere we travelled, Mom & Dad would sample as much of the the local cuisine as they could get their hands on. Then, Mom would recreate their favorite dishes at home. She served every cuisine; Japanese, German, Mexican, Greek, Indian,Thai, Southern American…everything. And, of course, my siblings and I learned to love food as much as they did!

Possibly all of that traveling got into my blood because, when I grew up, I became a touring rock singer. For many years I continued to travel all over the world, performing with incredible musicians in front of thousands of people, and eating my way through country after country, collecting recipes along the way.  When I finally put down roots it was in one of the culinary capitols of the world, NYC.  Here, I decided to add another chapter to my life and explore my other life-long passion. FOOD!!!   


I’ve worked with several wonderful chefs, taught some cooking classes, and have now started my own catering and confections business, Amyzing. As the owner and chef of Amyzing, I’ve had the opportunity to create lots of delicious food for lots of wonderful people, including the entire tapas menu for a local wine bar. 


Birth of an Amyzing Pop


As Part of my catering business, I wanted to offer some really decadent desserts. I already had several incredible recipes including my wildly popular Triple-chocolate-chunk cookies, and several varieties of chocolate Truffles, but I had it in the back of my mind to create a special candy. I thought how cool it would be to create a grown-up, gourmet lollipop. A truly Amyzing Pop!


Caramel has always been my favorite flavor in anything sweet, and so I set out to develop the best caramel ever. I tried scores of recipes for both soft and hard caramels, but nothing really rocked my world, so I began experimenting with different ingredients and methods.  I tried different sugars, butters, creams, sea salts, and vanillas, as well as various cooking vessels, cooking times, methods, and temperatures. Finally, I settled on my recipe for the perfect caramel! I created a long lasting, semi-hard caramel candy, with a velvety smooth texture, and a buttery, complex caramel flavor. The addition of Pure Brazilian Sea Salt creates a perfectly balanced, sweet and salty caramel experience that will make you want to be alone with it!


Today there are six varieties of Amyzing Pops, and four varieties of brittle. I will also soon be adding cookies, truffles and toffee to my line of AmyZinG Creations, so stay tuned!

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