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Would you like to sell Amyzing Sea-Salt Caramel Pops or Brittle in your store or restaurant? Each display box contains 12 caramel pops or 10 bags of caramel brittle. (One flavor per box.)


Let us custom design a label specifically for your business or special event! Amyzing Caramel Pops and Brittles are perfect “impulse” items for your checkout counter. And they make a great impression as a complimentary gift to show customers your appreciation. 

So send your valuable patrons home with a sweet souvenir of your business!

Call or email for wholesale pricing.


Kasey's Pops & Brittle_edited_edited.jpg
Custom Labels and Displays for Your Business
Custom Labels and Displays for Your Business
Town of Nantucket Caramel Pop
Flowers on Chestnut Caramel Pop
Bookworks Caramel Pop
Race Week Caramel Pop
Sweet Inspirations Caramel Pop
Figawi Caramel Pop
Daffodil Festival Caramel Pop
Book Festival Caramel Pop

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